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Mar 14, 2019

St Patrick's Day is days away. You can listen to this show. Then download all of the MP3s from the episode that you love best.

Dylan Foley, The Here & Now, The Gothard Sisters, Jiggy, Spirited Lads, The Elders, Gone Molly, Cara Wildman, Roads to Home, Purcell's Polyphonic Party, The Jackdaws, Forkroot, Jimi McRae, Heavy Blarney, Na Rosai, Madman's Window, Na Skylark

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0:05 "Glass of Beer / Bag of Spuds / Lady Anne Montgomery" by Dylan Foley from Deliriously Happy

4:20 "The Winding Rambling Pumpkin" by The Here & Now from The Winding Stair

9:24 "Rose, Marie and Heather" by The Gothard Sisters from Midnight Sun

12:47 "Silent Place" by Jiggy from Translate

15:20 "Culchi Lad" by Spirited Lads from Tall Tales and Fond Farewells

18:37 "Hot & Bothered/Dublin Hallway" by The Elders from TRUE


23:17 "The Miners Way" by Gone Molly from Gone Molly

26:00 "O'Carolan's Welcome/Ms. Cara Wildman of Dorchester/Spootiskerry" by Cara Wildman from Cara Wildman

29:41 "Darkness Darkness" by Roads to Home from Dark of the Moon

33:37 "Dick's Maggot" by Purcell's Polyphonic Party from An Invitation to Dance

37:37 "You'll Never Leave London Alive" by The Jackdaws from On the Lash

40:22 "Whidbey Island/Barry's Window Machine/Gunna" by Forkroot from Water & Shade


46:22 "Ar Lan Y Mor" by Jimi McRae from Monster Mix

51:07 "Sinister Path" by Heavy Blarney from From Bog to Swamp

55:01 "Five Miles From Town/Pratt School Parking Lot" by Na Rosai from First Rain

58:57 "Blarney Roses" by Madman's Window from Avast!

1:02:33 "The Irish Marche" by Na Skylark from Old Ceol

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