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Feb 21, 2019

Birds Fly in the Deep Blue Sky of Ireland on show #398 of the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast.

Dylan Foley, Poitin, Bannal, Forkroot, Spirited Lads, The Blackfoot Broethers, The Gothard Sisters, IONA, The Persephone Pickers, Ballinloch, Dun Aengus, Brymor, Fathom, The Wild Irish Roses, Celtica Pipes Rock, Wolf & Clover

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0:03 "The Birds/Jackie Coleman's" by Dylan Foley from Deliriously Happy

3:58 "Tired by Kids" by Poitin from Simple Pleasures

7:59 "An Long Eireannach (Clapping Song)" by Bannal from Waulking Songs

9:06 "Unk's Last Stand" by Forkroot from Water & Shade

12:59 "Joe Batts Arm Longliners" by Spirited Lads from Tall Tales and Fond Farewells


19:34 "Laugh or Else You'll Cry" by The Blackfoot Brothers from Bigmouth at the Bar

22:05 "It's the Little Things" by The Gothard Sisters from Story Girl

26:38 "Can Merthyr" by IONA from Signature

30:46 "Serenity Valley" by The Persephone Pickers from Sounds of the Verse

33:28 "Iron Ore Terrier" by Ballinloch from Home from the Sea


39:48 "Kelly the Boy from Killan" by Dun Aengus from Down by the Glenside

42:38 "Jig of Retribution / Star of Munster" by Brynmor from The Great Hill

46:41 "Somewhere to Go" by Fathom from Available Light

50:46 "Haunting Highland Laddie" by The Wild Irish Roses from Fill Yer Boots, Man!

53:31 "The Last Voyage of the Great Mich" by Celtica Pipes Rock from Oceans of Fire

59:05 "Blue Sky" by Wolf & Clover from Wolf & Clover

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