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Jul 5, 2013

Irish Celtic music from Bad Haggis, Marc Gunn, Gerry O’Beirne & Rosie Shipley, Jil Chambless & Scooter Muse, by The Rogues, 3 Pints Gone, Tullamore, The Gothard Sisters, Ken O’Malley, Giant’s Dance, Gaelic Storm, Gunns & Drums, Dun Aengus, Mithril, Hair of the Dog, Paddy’s Pig, Gillian Boucher, Coole Park, Black 47, The Brazen Heads, Emerald Rose.

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Bad Haggis - Trip

This Week in Celtic Music

“Reels Part Two (My Love Is In America)” by Bad Haggis
from Trip

“Kilkelly Ireland” by Marc Gunn
from Not Every Day Is St. Patrick’s Day

“American Tunes” by Gerry O’Beirne & Rosie Shipley
from Yesterday I Saw the Earth Beautiful

“From Clare to Here” by Jil Chambless & Scooter Muse
from Laverock

“Jimmy’s Reel Set” by The Rogues
from American Highlander

“Ireland” by 3 Pints Gone
from Home Brew

“Thousands are Sailing” by Tullamore
from Timber & Stream

“Orange Blossom Special” by The Gothard Sisters
from Celtic Rainbow

“City of Chicago” by Ken O’Malley
from OMaille

“Grumpy Old Man Growling Old Woman/Maudabawn Chapel/Tuttle’s Reel” byGiant’s Dance
from Giant’s Dance

“Tear Upon the Rose” by Gaelic Storm
from How Are We Getting Home?

“Men of the New Basin Canal” by Gunns & Drums
from How America Saved Irish Music

“Far Away in Australia” by Dun Aengus
from Fortified

“American Set: Soldier’s Joy/St. Anne’s Reel/The Redhaired Boy/Kitchen Girl” byMithril
from Tangled Up

“The Wild Colonial Boy” by Hair of the Dog
from Release the Hounds

“Back Home in Derry” by Paddy’s Pig
from Maple & Wire

“Jig Jazz” by Gillian Boucher
from Elemental

“Empress of Ireland” by Coole Park
from Water Journeys

“San Patricio Brigade” by Black 47
from New York Town

“Spancil Hill” by The Brazen Heads
from Who’s Your Paddy

“Hills of America” by Emerald Rose
from Celtic Crescent

Emerald Rose - Celtic Crescent