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Oct 20, 2016

Crank up the podcast so you can dance while you work with indie Celtic music from Doolin', Heather Gilmer and Jeff Moore, Mary Jane Lamond, Pitch the Peat, Hugh Morrison, Grafton Street, MacTalla Mor, Los Paddys de Las Pampas from Come Home, Atlantic Wave, Doug Folkins/Molly Hogans, The Gleasons, The Muckers, The Wild Irish Roses, Enter the Haggis, Ennis Sisters. 

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This Week in Celtic Music

0:23 "The Road to Gleanntan" by Doolin' from Doolin'

3:40 "Glen Cottage #2/Glen Cottage #1/Mick Duggan's (Polkas)" by Heather Gilmer and Jeff Moore from Traditional Irish Music

8:07 "Mairi Bhan Dhail As Eas" by Mary Jane Lamond from Storas

13:35 "An Leanbh/Kilavil/Jerry's Beaver's Hat" by Pitch the Peat from Far From Home

18:07 "Prisoner Song" by Hugh Morrison from Prison Ballads


23:20 "Remember Me My Friend" by Grafton Street from Descendants of Immigrants

26:58 "Mouth Music Set" by MacTalla Mor from Jacob's Ladder

29:02 "My Friend Ger" by Los Paddys de Las Pampas from Come Home

32:23 "Dvorak in Donegal" by Atlantic Wave from Craic'd


38:02 "Black Velvet Band" by Doug Folkins/Molly Hogans from Another Last Call

41:18 "Let It Go" by The Gleasons from Let It Go

43:33 "Maid of Amsterdam" by The Muckers from The Muckers

46:17 "Bodhran Mohr" by The Wild Irish Roses from Fill Yer Boots, Man!

49:04 "Gasoline" by Enter the Haggis from Casualties of Retail

54:03 "Still Single" by Ennis Sisters from Lessons Learned

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