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Apr 2, 2020

Let’s celebrate Tartan Day with Scottish songs and kilt loving music on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Subscribe to 34 Celtic MP3s for Free!

Stephanie Claussen, Kinnfolk, Kilmaine Saints, Kilted Kings, Highland Reign, Screeched Inn, The Rogues, The Whiskeydicks, Syr, The Kilt Lifters, Albannach, Rathkeltair, Barleyjuice, Brynmor

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0:08 - "Ca' the Yowes to the Knowes / Morpeth Lasses" by Stephanie Claussen from The Road Home from Skye: Scottish and Irish Tunes

3:33 - WELCOME

4:29 - "Otter's Holt / Merry Blacksmith / Rakish Paddy" by Kinnfolk from Kinnfolk

9:46 - "Painting Paradise Square" by Kilmaine Saints from Off the Wagon, Acoustic Sessions

14:37 - "Marionette Jig/Spinner's Reel" by Kilted Kings from Name On My Soul

17:57 - "Unbroken" by Highland Reign from Bring Forrit the Tartan


28:09 - "The Night Pat Murphy Died" by Screeched Inn from Screeched Inn

31:50 - "Bonny Portmore" by The Rogues from 25...and Live!

35:10 - "Celts of the North" by The Whiskeydicks from United We Stumble


41:47 - "These Final Hours" by Syr from The Winter King

46:33 - "The Bonnie Lass of Anglesey" by The Kilt Lifters from Friends Old and New

49:45 - "Rath 'N' the Nach" by Albannach and Rathkeltair from Rathkeltair & Friends of CPR

57:21 - "Merry Queen of Scotch" by Barleyjuice from The Old Speakeasy

1:00:41 - CLOSING

1:01:44 - "Leaving of Liverpool" by Brynmor from The Great Hill

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Tartan Day is on April 6. This is the North American celebration of Scottish heritage. And historically, it’s the date the Scots declared their independence in 1320. We will celebrate the event with a little Scottish music. And a whole bunch of Celtic bands with kilts.

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There are quite a few Celtic musicians who make their living by performing. In fact, it’s almost morbidly comical that one of the biggest challenges musicians have faced over the past few years is the declining sales of our primary revenue stream, CDs. More and more people are streaming music. That’s made touring all the more important.

And now we have COVID-19. All of my big gigs through May are canceled. It’s the same with most musicians. There has never been a better time to ask for your help.

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Domenico Rossi emailed a photo from Italy: "Hi Marc! A HUGE thanks for your podcasts: it's always exciting waiting each Thursday!

This week (just as the last and, probably, also the next one) I'm working from home, due to COVID19 emergency. Here in Italy very strict rules force us to stay home and go out only for severe necessities.

Well, it's been a bit difficult to get used to but... hey! We are safe, alive, and we have our favourite music (Celtic one of course!) and your company! Even in this difficult times I thank the Lord and wait for better times... thanks to you, also, for your weekly gift. Attached you can find a pic of me working at my "new desk"... stay safe my friend!"

Eric Mailler responded to a Celtic Music Magazine email: "Hi Marc, I downloaded the songs without any issues. Also wanted to say thank you for everything you do. I love listening to songs I’d never hear otherwise and learning more about Celtic culture through the song lyrics and letters your read. You asked who some of our favorite Celtic bands are. As far as well known bands go, the Young Dubliners and Gaelic Storm are up there for me. But, for local bands, the Rogue Diplomats are awesome. I usually try to catch them in Bethlehem, PA around St. Patrick’s Day. Anyway, thanks again, and Sláinte!"

Steven Rausch emailed a photo: "Listening to the Irish and Celtic Music Podcast, made this traditional Guinness beef stew on St Patrick’s Day (and your birthday).  Slainte."

Sean Morris emailed: "Hi, loving the podcast! You mentioned that listeners should submit music from female musicians/singers for future consideration. I'd like to draw your attention to banjoist Angela Usher from Manchester, England.

Angela is a contemporary of musicians such as Mike McGoldrick, the Farrell's, Dezi Donnelly, Angelina Carberry, John Joe and Grace Kelly, etc who grew up learning and playing together in the 80's/90's in Manchester.

She released her first album 'The Gort Mile' last year which has some lovely tunes and songs (some her own pieces). It's a measure of the regard she is held in that she had musicians such as Mike McGoldrick, Colin Farrell and John Carty collaborating with her on the Album. (I think Mike McGoldrick may have produced it)

Angela is also involved with a cross community (Irish and Jewish) music project 'Amid the murk over the Irk' as a performer/composer/arranger. This is quite an interesting project which has brought gems such as this version of The Butterfly to us

Angela also host several sessions in Manchester. Actually worth mentioning Grace Kelly here as well, former All Ireland whistle champion, sister of bodhran player Jon Joe Kelly who hosts another four sessions in Manchester. We have a strong female contingent of musicians here and it's not unknown for men to be in the minority at sessions here.

Anyway, hope you enjoy Angela's album. Keep up the good work with the podcast."