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Mar 7, 2007

Celtic Music Awards of 2006 are here. Enjoy great Irish and Celtic music as voted for by you.

Wicked Tinkers, Bedlam Bards, Arabesque, Celeste Howard, Maidens IV, Rowan, Blarnacles, Shadowdancer, Enter the Haggis, Rathkeltair, Barleyjuice, Kennedy's Kitchen

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Best Celtic Folk Band
00:23 - “Radar” by Wicked Tinkers from Whisky Supper

4:30 - WELCOME

Best Celtic Folk Album
06:08 - - “Ballad of Joss” by Bedlam Bards from On the Drift

09:26 - “The Gneeveguilla Reel” by Arabesque from Glen Road to Cordoba
also from Victims of Irish Music

12:51 - “Blessings of the Guardian Angel” by Celeste Howard from Celtic Blessings

16:24 - “Four Aflame” by Maidens IV from Four Aflame


24:14 - “Ar Sorserez (La Sorciere)_Muneira” by Rowan from Tales Through Time

28:02 - “Pigeon on the Gate” by Blarnacles from Got Blarnacles?

33:22 - “She Moved Through the Fair” by Shadowdancer from Shadowdancer EP


Best Celtic Fusion Instrumentalist
38:56 - “Gasoline” by Enter the Haggis by from Casualties of Retail

Best Celtic Rock Band
42:58 - “Dragonfly” by Rathkeltair from Everybody

Best Celtic Rock Album
47:00 - “A Band’s A Band for A’ That” by Barleyjuice from Six Yanks

5. Finn’s Fury, “Raglan Road”
4. McGinty, “Mary Mac”
3. Ken O’Malley and The Twilight Lords, “Mo Ghile Mear”
2. Cady Finlayson, “Lannigan’s Ball/Sergeant Early’s Dream/Providence Reel”

51:03 -  CLOSING

53:18 - #1 THIS WEEK “Sleeping Under the Tables Set” by Kennedy's Kitchen from A Pocketful of Lint and from Victims of Irish Music

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