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Dec 23, 2021

Nollaig shona daoibh! It’s time for some Celtic Christmas music on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

Adam Young, Terry McDade, The McDades, Atlys, The Fire, Gaelynn Lea, Steel City Rovers, Brother Sea, Sharon Shannon, de Ceadaoin, Triskele, Abbots Cross, Steel Clover, Reilly, Marc Gunn, Stephanie Claussen, Screaming Orphans, We Banjo 3, Runa

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0:09 - Adam Young "Winter Sets In" from Yearbook

4:38 - WELCOME

5:33 - Terry McDade With The McDades "Jezebel Carol" from Midwinter

8:09 - Atlys "A Celtic First Noel" from A Celtic First Noel

10:27 - The Fire "The Cherry-Tree Carol" from The Fire's Very Scottish Christmas

14:21 - Gaelynn Lea "Angels We Have Heard on High" from Deepest Darkness, Brightest Dawn

17:58 - Steel City Rovers "Christmas Eve Reverie" from Grand Misadventures

22:00 - FEEDBACK

24:33 - Brother Sea "ROYAL PARADE" from Single

28:22 - Sharon Shannon "Christmas Time Again!" from Christmas Time Again!

31:41 - de Ceadaoin "A Jig for Christmas/Merry Christmas" from Single

35:12 - Triskele "Cead Mile Failte" from Christmas Is A Comin'

37:39 - Abbots Cross "Si Bheag, Si Mhor / The First Noel" from Christmas Visions

42:02 - THANKS

44:30 - Steel Clover "Snowflakes" from Season of Love

46:34 - Reilly "We Three Kings Of Orient Are" from Kick Ass Celtic Christmas

51:19 - Marc Gunn "Yuletide" from Single

53:46 - Stephanie Claussen "Shepherds, Shake Off Your Drowsy Slumber" from Light so Brilliant: Carols and Tunes for Christmas

57:09 - Screaming Orphans "Miss Fogarty's Christmas Cake" from Happy Christmas, Vol. 1

1:00:59 - We Banjo 3 "Joy to the World" from A Winter Wonderful

1:03:46 - CLOSING

1:05:45 - Runa "The Snows they melt the Soonest / Wondrous Love" from The Tide of Winter

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Thomas Bondy emailed from Plymouth, Michigan: "Marc, Regarding the Kreelers “Sixth & Porter” that you’ve played a few times, I thought you’d dig the attached photos of the Irish workers rowhouse that currently stands near Sixth & Porter in Detroit’s historic Corktown neighborhood and was presumably the inspiration for the song. Cheers!"