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Nov 3, 2016

The U.S. presidential election is nearly over. Thank goodness! I'm tired of the horrible Facebook comments. So I decided to have a little satirical fun with Super Tuesday by sharing Celtic music from We Banjo 3, Emerald Rose, Shauna Mullin, Andy Lamy, BOWI, The Beer Mats, Bonnie Rideout, Ed Miller and Robb Sansonetti, Flashpoint, The Makem & Spain Brothers, Gaelic Storm, Black 47, Celtica Pipes Rock, The Tossers, Slan.

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Annie Lorkowski posted on Facebook: "Hello Marc! You asked for photos from my recent Ireland trip... We took the ferry from Wales to Dublin, then the train to Galway, and a driving tour of the Connemara. We went pony trekking on the beach outside of Clifden, and visited the stunning Kylemore Abbey (here in the photo). I discovered your podcast after my first trip to Ireland, to keep the Irish inspiration in me until I got a chance to go back. And as I was listening to show #279, "Cead Mille Failte" was playing as my plane home flew over the Emerald Isle, and I must admit I got a little teary-eyed. Thanks for all you do and for inspiring me to go back."


This Week in Celtic Music

0:40 "Poor Old Liza Jane/Dance Boatman Dance" by We Banjo 3 from Roots of the Banjo Tree

4;21 "Scatter the Mud/Tar Road to Sligo/Paddy Clancy's" by Emerald Rose from Celtic Crescent

7:52 "The Wee Weaver" by Shauna Mullin from Wishing Tree

9:40 "Reels: The Jug of Punch'Mrs. MacDonald of Clanranald (Lamey's)/The Repeal" by Andy Lamy from The New Blackthorn Stick

13:36 "Pound a Week Rise" by BOWI from Dry Land


18:32 "Peace One Day in Time" by The Beer Mats from Peace One Day in Time

21:40 "The Jaunting Car Hornpipe Set" by Bonnie Rideout from Scottish Inheritance

26:04 "Riches, Women, an' Beer" by Ed Miller and Robb Sansonetti from My Own Brand of Crazy

28:21 "Black Rogue/Maguire's Kick/The Hunter's House" by Flashpoint from Jammed

33:11 "To Welcome Poor Paddy Home" by Makem & Spain from Up the Stairs


38:54 "Green Eyes, Red Hair" by Gaelic Storm from Cabbage

42:40 "Bankers and Gangsters" by Black 47 from Bankers and Gangsters

47:11 "The Princess and the Piper" by Celtica Pipes Rock from Legends and Visions

50:46 "Political Scum" by The Tossers from Agony

55:41 "Footprints" by Slan from Footprints

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