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Dec 30, 2021

Amazing Celtic music! Listen to the Top 20 Celtic songs and tunes of 2021 as voted on by you, the listeners of the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Subscribe to enjoy over 500 hours of great Celtic Music by some of the best indie Celtic bands and musicians in the world.

Clann An Drumma, The Bow Tides, Heather Dale, Brad Reid, Beth Patterson, Will Macmorran, Eira, Marc Gunn, Brass Lassie, Matt & Shannon Heaton, Moch Pryderi, Across the Pond, Deirdre Graham, Wakefire, The Darkeyed Musician, Grimwater, Tartanic, Scythian, Ockham's Razor, Follow The Crows, Old Blind Dogs, Tuatha de Danann, Loveridge, The Longest Johns

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0:07 - Clann An Drumma "Devil's Pulpit" from Order of the Stag

4:07 - WELCOME

5:28 - The Bow Tides "Bea's Waltz" from Single

8:08 - Heather Dale "Joan" from The Gabriel Hounds

12:00 - Brad Reid "Trip to Peggy's Cove" from New Scotland

15:20 - Beth Patterson "Take Some Fire" from Firebrand

20:01 - Will Macmorran "Fochabers" from Glen Echo

23:19 - FEEDBACK

27:53 - Eira "Rhythm of the Goat / Breakwater Boys Breakdown" from Eira

32:49 - Marc Gunn "Purple Flower" from St. Patrick's Day

36:17 - Brass Lassie "Ann Lacey's/Taybank Shenanigans" from Brass Lassie

39:46 - Matt & Shannon Heaton "Jig (name unknown) & Sailing Down Fulton Street" from Blue Skies Above

43:25 - Moch Pryderi "Trafaeliais Y Byd (I Traveled the World)" from Moch IV

46:06 - NEW IN 2022

49:02 - Across the Pond "The Blarney Set" from Kid On the Mountain

53:57 - Deirdre Graham "Mairead nan Cuiread" from URRANTA

58:02 - Wakefire "Tam Lin / Johnny Goes to France" from To a Distant Shore

1:00:23 - The Darkeyed Musician & Grimwater "The Faerie Ring" from Illumina

1:04:03 - Tartanic "The Clumsy A - Hole!" from Uncivilized

1:08:07 - THANKS

1:09:23 - Scythian "Galway City feat. Shane Hayes" from Roots & Stones

1:12:50 - Ockham's Razor "Tonight I Fear Not the Viking" from Secrets and Silence

1:17:44 - Follow The Crows "Tide Turns" from Tide Turns

1:22:16 - Old Blind Dogs "Newe" from Room With A View

1:29:04 - Tuatha de Danann "The Devil Drink Cider" from In Nomine Éireann

1:33:43 - CLOSING

1:36:28 - Loveridge feat. The Longest Johns "The Doom Bar" from As the Crow Flies

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast was edited by Mitchell Petersen with Graphics by Miranda Nelson Designs. The show was produced by Marc Gunn, The Celtfather. Subscribe through your favorite podcatcher or on our website where you can become a Patron of the Podcast for as little as $1 per episode. Promote Celtic culture through music at


* Helping you celebrate Celtic culture through music. I am Marc Gunn. I’m a musician and podcaster. I share my love of Irish and Celtic music from around the globe with you. I want to introduce you to some amazing Celtic bands and musicians.
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Today is the Celtic Top 20 songs and tunes of 2021. The music picked for this show was by Your Votes. You will note that there are actually 22 tracks this time.

Yup. You get bonus music this time because one of my tracks made the top 20. While I include it in the show, I don’t consider it as one of the Top 20 songs. That said, there were a couple ties at the end of the show. And thus, you get even more music this time.

NEW IN 2022

I made some changes to the Celtic Top 20 for 2022. Yes. I still want and need your votes so we can create another amazing “best of” episode. It is now easier than ever to vote. Just select the tracks that you love the best. However, you will need to be a Patron of the Podcast to cast a vote.

Another change for the new year is I am creating a Best of 2022 playlist on Spotify. I will update it every week starting two weeks after the first show launches in the new year.

My hope is to help promote these amazing Celtic bands and musicians on the largest streaming music platform out there.

I am planning out the spring season of Pub Songs & Stories. Pub Songs & Stories is a Virtual Public House for musicians to share the stories and inspiration behind their music. Do you have or know a good story to share on our companion podcast?

Stories can be about songs or tunes, from a gig, a piece of Celtic history, or anything that might be paired with a song or tune. Drop me an email. Put “Pub Story” in the show subject. Tell me your story. Maybe I’ll ask you to record your story for the show. I’m planning only 10 episodes. So email me soon. And make sure you subscribe at

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Eilene Marie Toppin Ording emailed a photo: "Here's what I do while listening to your podcast. I walk early in the morning and this day, the moon was still up and walked with me. My Scottish roots are very deep and we came to North America via Ireland. My mother's maiden name is McCamus which would equate to McKeamish or McHamish probably in Scottish. Be that as it may, we are part of Clan Gunn. One of my bucket list items is to visit the Clan Gunn Museum & Heritage Centre in Latheron, Scotland. Unfortunately, they are not open and I can't travel at the moment anyway. I'm enjoying your podcast. I've been sending the podcast link and some band links to my son in the Navy in Guam. We share an interest in all things Celtic or Gaelic. My favorite band is Gaelic Storm (they play the KC Irish Fest every Labor Day Weekend), but I recently fell in love with Niamh Parsons' voice. I first heard her and her partner on your podcast.?? Have a great day."

So many people post on Facebook to say thanks and comment on our Facebook page. I thought I'd share some of those comments. Many from musicians.

Bill Mullen posted: "Just listened to the podcast -  nice selection and enjoyed the show -  thanks Marc!"

ReillyRocks Irish: "Totally awesome! We are recording new material set to be released in March. Can't wait to share it with you guys!"

Vic Morris: "These wonderful women of The Bow Tides are former (and one current) members of the band Gaelic Storm. I have seen them all at GS concerts and they truly are talented!! My wife and I saw GS on Wednesday of this week in Dallas, TX and got to hear Katie live for the first time with GS. She and the band put on a frolicking good show! I am listening to this episode of the podcast right now."

Scott Sterling: "Many thanks for putting it out there !"

Jesse Ferguson (The Bard of Cornwall): "Awesome! Proud to be in such good company"

Brigid's Crossing: "I really like Coast and Loveridge. Never heard of them before but just bought some tracks. Thanks for the find!"

The Wild Irish Roses: "Thank You!!!"

Golden Bough Music: "RIP Paddy. Such a wonderful musician and wonderful person! You will be very truly missed!"

Cíana: "Thanks Marc! You’re the best!"

Brenda Richardson: "Are you planning any trips for the future? I cannot find any mention of it on your website or Facebook page."

The Guinness Brothers: "Cheers guys"

The Gatehouse Well: "Thanks so much! Can't wait to listen through this week's episode!"

TURF FIRE LIARS: "Love your show!!!"

Bob Spellman: "I always look forward to the new episodes"

Kris Colt & the Black Rose Band: "Thank you so much for playing our new song Charmed. Very much appreciated"

Susana Seivane posted: Hearts

Eric Guarin posted a link: "Mark, you're always asking "what are you doing today while listening to the podcast"? Well today in fact I was running the Leghowney (leg - uh - nee said a local) Loop Scenic Walk near Donegal Ireland! A forest, a wind farm, a bunch of sheep, all lovely. The podcast made a great accompaniment, thanks!"