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Dec 16, 2021

Patrons make Flashback song requests today on Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

Runa, Screaming Orphans, Tullamore, Mary Knickle, Marc Gunn, Syr, Terry Griffith, Trinity River Whalers, Jim Brannigan, Ed Miller, Brobdingnagian Bards, Count 4dB, The Gothard Sisters, Chambless & Muse, Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Kennedy's Kitchen, Iarla O'Lionaird, Heather Dale

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0:05 - Runa "Dance in the Graveyard" from Ten: The Errant Night

5:05 - WELCOME

6:38 - Screaming Orphans "Rocky Road To Dublin" from Ballads Rule OK

13:23 - Tullamore "Work Of The Weavers" from Wild And Wicked Youth

19:13 - Mary Knickle "Weave the Yarn" from Weave

23:05 - Marc Gunn "Peggy Gordon" from The Bridge

27:22 - Syr "The Winter King" from The Winter King

32:03 - FEEDBACK

35:09 - Terry Griffith "Risin' Of The Moon" from Songs From The Pub

37:44 - Trinity River Whalers "Mr. Valentine's Dead" from Party In A Box

40:16 - Jim Brannigan "The Broom o' the Cowdeknowes" from Jim Brannigan's Favourites

45:16 - Ed Miller "The Devil Made Texas/The Irish Washerwoman/The Lads o' Duns/Duns Dings A'" from The Edinburgh Rambler

49:46 - Brobdingnagian Bards "Lily The Pink" from Brobdingnagian Fairy Tales

53:10 - Count 4dB "The Fisherman's Song" from Rylander: There Can Be Only One

56:57 - The Gothard Sisters "Midnight Sun" from Midnight Sun

1:00:51 - THANKS

1:04:27 - Chambless & Muse "Wild Geese" from Passing Tales & Glories

1:07:50 - Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer "Jiggle the Old Bones" from Sleep Deprivation

1:12:34 - Kennedy's Kitchen "Red Is The Rose" fro m The Whiskey Of Truth

1:17:40 - Iarla O'Lionaird "The Goat Song" from Foxlight

1:21:14 - Heather Dale "Huron Carol" from This Endris Night

1:24:52 - CLOSING

1:26:38 - Marc Gunn "Christmas in the Shire" from Celtic Christmas Greetings

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Peter Bengston emailed: "Mark,  I was listening to Nightfall during my walk this morning. I enjoyed it A lot. When I got home the Tucson paper had a full page article about the Tucson Celtic Festival this weekend. I’m planning to be there one of the days????"

He also emailed a photo: "I walked under a different “Bats & Bicycles “ art piece walking along the Rillito river this week."

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Danny Mims emailed: "Years ago I took the genetic test, and it came back 12 out of 13 markers Celtic. The 13th was Germanic, which is where the Celts came from. Thomas Mims came to the New World, Virginia Colony in 1657, from the village of South Mymms outside of London, where the Mymms had been heralds and pages to the kings of England for generations."

Colm Kelly of Guinness Brothers emailed: "Just wanted to say a big thank you for all you do for Irish music. We have done podcast and they were great fun. If you ever need a guest please let us know.:"