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Jun 18, 2006

How can you win the heart of a woman, chlorine and cats, and a one-year anniversary.

Cat Music & News

  • Irish Drinking Songs for Cat Lovers
  • Distribution in the U.S. and Canada
  • One-Year Anniversary
  • Cats in the News - Jack the Cat Chases A Bear Up Tree
  • Cats In
  • Geek Wedding Podcast - Cat House
  • Cat Tip of the Month - Cats Must Wear Tags
  • Chlorine irritates the noses of cats
  • Cat Humor - The Way to a Woman's Heart
  • SONG - "The Demented Cat Game"

Listener Comments

"My name is Stan Beck. Your pod-casts are so human, so original. I am a fan! Thanks for the work you put into it!"
- Stan Beck also publishes,

Music Promotion for Cat Lovers

If you enjoy my music or this podcast, then I like to ask a small favor in each show. Because your help in promoting this album will insure there is a follow-up CD. Here is the music promotion tip of the week:

Go to the shownotes at where you will find a press release announcing the release of my cat CD. Copy the press release, then email or fax it to your local newspaper or media outlet.

I sent this press release out earlier this year and attracted the attention of a few newspapers and radio stations. Unfortunately, many local papers slip through the loop.

After about a week or two, follow-up on the press release and ask if the newspaper got it and is interested in writing about it. Of course, they can always call or email me to find out more about the album.

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