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Jul 30, 2014

Irish Celtic music from Jonathan Milton, McFlooseys, Hawp, Melanie Gruben, Flook, Jed Marum, Circled By Hounds, Ginger Ackley, Brobdingnagian Bards, Erin's Guild, Rum Currency, Celtic Music World, Katie's Randy Cat, The Humble Hooligans, Molly Bauckham.

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Jonathan Milton - Just One More

This Week in Celtic Music

"The Slipper" by Jonathan Milton
from Just One More... on iTunes

"Reels" by McFlooseys
from One Night in Dublin

"The Shieldhill Lady" by Hawp
from Storm and Calm on iTunes

"Fiddler's Green" by Melanie Gruben
from Market Day on iTunes

"G.D.'s: Hooper's Loop/Pressed for Time" by Flook
from Rubai on iTunes

"Monaghan's Lament" by Jed Marum
from Confederate Songs of Ireland on iTunes

"Trip For A Chicago Bride" by Circled By Hounds
from Chasing Our Tales on iTunes

"Bonnie Green" by Ginger Ackley
from It Is Time on iTunes

"Carolan's Concerto" by Brobdingnagian Bards
from Songs of the Muse on iTunes

"Distant Shore" by Erin's Guild
from Broken Man on iTunes

"Black Eyed Lisa" by Rum Currency
from Can't Take You Anywhere

"The Old Way" by Celtic Music World
from Warrior Soul

"Irish Rover" by Katie's Randy Cat
from KRC #1

"Sweet Magdalene" by The Humble Hooligans
from an upcoming album

"The Wiser Maid" by Molly Bauckham
from Maid on the Shore on iTunes

Molly Baukham - Maid on the Shore

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