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Jan 21, 2016

It's time, once again, to celebrate the Top 20 Best Celtic songs of 2015. We had a lot of great music last year as I found out when I compiled all of  your votes. That's right. YOU get to vote for the best Celtic music of the year. Today, you're gonna hear the Best Celtic music from Emerald Rose, The Flying Toads, Clandestine, Appalachian Celtic Consort, The Gothard Sisters, Count 4dB, Full Gael, Heather Alexander, Breabach, Kailyarders, Jesse Ferguson, The Rogues, The Blarney Rebel Band, Runa, Patsy O'Brien, Whiskey Sunday, The Elders, Wild Colonial Bhoys, Bourbon & Shamrocks, Carolina Ceili. 

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This Week in Celtic Music

"Autumn In Asheville" by Emerald Rose
from That Night in the Garden

"Palm Sunday" by The Flying Toads

"Ballad of Accounting" by Clandestine
from Red

"Cul Aodh/Kesh Jig" by Appalachian Celtic Consort
from Drop O' the Pure

"Grace O'Malley" by The Gothard Sisters
from Mountain Rose

Celtic Music News

"The Fisherman's Song" by Count 4dB
from Rylander: There Can Be Only One

"Ships Are Sailing/Wind Shakes the Barley/Star of the Munster" by Full Gael
from Traditional Music with Celtic Roots

"Gypsy Bardic Tinker People" by Heather Alexander
from A Gypsy's Home - Songs of the Roving Life

"Monday Night at Ricardo's" by Breabach
from Urlar

"Stornoway" by Kailyarders
from King of the Jolly

Celtic Music Feedback

"The Rocky Road to Dublin" by Jesse Ferguson
from The Parting Glass

"Cullen Anderson" by The Rogues
from Live in Canada, Eh?

"Darker Than the Mine" by The Blarney Rebel Band
from Pile High The Pennywall

"Land of Sunshine Set" by Runa
from Current Affairs

"Good Times Coming" by Patsy O'Brien
from Irish Guitar

"She Took the Train" by Whiskey Sunday
from Holy Water

"Road to Ruins" by The Elders
from Story Road

"Farewell to Erin" by Wild Colonial Bhoys
from On Our Own

"Zooie" by Bourbon & Shamrocks
from Craic

"Cunla" by Carolina Ceili
from 50 Shades of Green

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