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Jan 26, 2017

Come together with great Celtic music from Stonecircle, Solas, Blarney Castle, We Banjo 3, Ed Miller, Burning Bridget Cleary, Chris Murphy, Andrew McKee, Black Market Haggis, Battlegs, Blackstone Cuil, The Brazen Heads, Booze Brothers, The Shanties. 

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Thom Danger Speck of Screeched Inn posted a photo on Facebook: "I'm at home working on some new music and listening to Marc Gunn's Irish & Celtic Music Podcast when what should arrive at my door... Thanks for the sticker Marc. I will put it in my guitar case with pride. ;)"

Jake sent a voicemail.

Indeed the Top of Admiration posted on iTunes: "I love this podcast for the wide variety of Celtic musicians it features in every episode. No two episodes sound quite alike, and I love that it constantly exposes me to new artists. This podcast has become my go-to music to have on while I write."

Hank Woodward emailed: "Hi Marc, I'm eagerly anticipating hearing the "Scottish Music" podcast on my lunchtime walk today! 2016 was an eventful year with many ups and downs for me (unplanned job change, my mother's passing, etc.), but I could always count on hearing wonderful music on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. My best wishes to you and your family and many thanks again for all you do in bringing the greatest gift of Celtic music to all of us. Slainte'"


This Week in Celtic Music

0:36 "Moped in the Sky" by Stonecircle from Metamorphosis

4;26 "Roarie Bummlers" by Solas from All These Years

8:35 "Her Heart Was Buried" by Blarney Castle from Her Heart Was Buried

12:14 "Island Orchard" by We Banjo 3 from String Theory

16:14 "The Ewe Buchts" by Ed Miller from Come Awa' Wi' Me


24:27 "The Mountain" by Burning Bridget Cleary from These Are the Days

28:28 "Connemara Ponies" by Chris Murphy from The Tinker's Dream

31:30 "Satisfied" by Andrew McKee from The Irish Bard

34:37 "Shandon Bells Set" by Black Market Haggis from upcoming CD


41:10 "Barnyards of Delgaty" by Battlegs from Lost My Shoes

43:11 "Blackstone Cuil" by Blackstone Cuil from Blackstone Cuil

48:17 "If I Ever Lived Before" by The Brazen Heads from Who's Your Paddy

52:05 "Elevator" by Booze Brothers from Elevator

56:48 "Sally Gardens" by The Shanties from Fear Not

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