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Sep 1, 2016

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast celebrates Celtic culture with music from Flashpoint, Athena Tergis, Heather Dale, Sarah Marie Mullen, Calasaig, Smithfield Fair, The Rogues, Jasper Coal, Jesse Linder, Brobdingnagian Bards, Sons of Malarkey, The Larkin Brigade, The Roving Crows, Celtic Cross, Runa. 

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Balden4325 wrote on iTunes: "A wonderful find. I have always loved Celtic music. I listen at work. The podcast is absolutely perfect. Just the right amount of description and chat intermixed with a lot of beautiful music. So glad this is out in the universe!!!"

Christoffel Wilhelm Engelbrecht wrote on Facebook: "Thanks as always for brightening up one hour of my week with awesome Celtic music. Really needed it yesterday when attempting to assemble this IKEA couch! It was an ordeal, but your podcast kept me pumped and got me through it."

Helen emailed: "Hi Mark, episode 203 "the work of the weavers" is keeping me company while I photograph Celtic jewelry at work today. I'm a new listener to the podcast and I'm really enjoying the mix you play. Cheers"

Raül Aicart emailed: "I write you from Tarragona (near Barcelona), Catalonia. Thank you for the great amount of music that I’ve discovered either via podcast or through Celtic 103. I would like to help financially in this project but right now it is complicated. Nevertheless, I found the way to do my bit, if this suits you. I’ve seen that there are many podcasts that do not have the time inserted. If you want I can do it on my own and I will send you the results. Let me know if this can be useful for you, or if I can help you in any other way. Slainte!"

Chris Kapustin emailed: "Hello! I started listening to your podcast about a week ago while at work and i absolutely love it. The Star Wars songs you made are amazing (being a huge fan as well). I was wondering if you have heard of the Band "Darby O'Gill?" They are a pretty fun and funny band that is perfect if you do another pub songs episode, they are also the main band that got me into this type of music. Well, I have a lot of catching up to do with your series, Thank you"


This Week in Celtic Music

0:25 "Sliabh Russell / Hag At the Churn / Kid On the Mountain" by Flashpoint from Jammed

6:28 "Johnny McGreevy’s / Owney Davey’s / O’Callaghan’s / Margaree Reel (Reels)" by Athena Tergis from A Letter Home

10:53 "Stone Soup" by Heather Dale from Imagineer

14:28 "Soggy Father Campbell (Campbell's Farewell To Red Gap/The Musical Priest/Over The Waterfall)" by Sarah Marie Mullen from Harper's Bizarre

18:21 "Banks of the Lea" by Calasaig from Near & Far


25:01 "Glenlogie" by Smithfield Fair from Scotland, Fair Scotland

29:14 "Marren's Jig" by The Rogues from RogueTrip

31:35 "Fionnghuala" by Jasper Coal from 1000 Feet Closer to Hell

33:04 "Prayer For My Friends" by Jesse Linder from Ready for the Storm


39:12 "Jedi Drinking Song" by Brobdingnagian Bards from Brobdingnagian Fairy Tales

43:10 "Auld Drunk Anthems" by Sons of Malarkey from Sons of Malarkey

47:41 "Dot Day" by The Larkin Brigade from Paddy Keys for Mayor

50:28 "Dirty Habits" by The Roving Crows from Bacchanalia

53:49 "D Train" by Celtic Cross from Saoirse's Heart

59:42 "The Banks are Made of Marble" by Runa from Current Affairs

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