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Oct 19, 2017

Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #330 speeds on a bonnie boat this week with Celtic music from Chambless, Taylor And Muse, Cara Wildman, Bellow Bridge, Nava, Chambless & Muse, The Kindred Kilts, The Gas Men, Serious Kitchen, StoneRing, The Elders, Ella, Mark Saul, Banna De Dha.

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I did an interview this summer with Samual of Visite Bretagne in the town of Auray in Brittany. From him, you can learn more about the history of the Celts of Brittany in this week's Celtfather Music & Travel at

If you want to see Auray, Brittany, I posted another vlog over on YouTube.

I'm happy to let you know that my Celtic CD Grab Bags are all gone. I put the last of those CDs in the mail yesterday. I can't believe how quickly they went. I really expected them to be around for a lot longer. But alas no.

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Dan & Rosa Hulse emailed: "Hi Marc, Two weeks ago to the day my wife and I were just returning from a week long vacation in Ireland when my wife fell and fractured her ankle in two places. So I am waiting for her in the surgical waiting room at this moment. It had been a great vacation up until then. I really appreciate the podcast and your support of independent Celtic artists. May the Craic be with you!"

Patrick Clark sent a few pictures from Anchorage, Alaska: "Hey Marc, Loving the show, I’ve been listening it to it for a number of years. I ironically listen to it while lifting, which is mainly training for the Highland games. Keep up the good work!"


0:35 "The Barmaid Set" by Chambless, Taylor And Muse from Live at NTIF

5:23 "Knepphallingen" by Cara Wildman from Cara Wildman

9:05 "Twa Recruiting Sergeants" by Bellow Bridge from Cautionary Tales

12:33 "Magic Box" by Nava from Tapestry

16:11 "The Bonnie Ship the Diamond" by Jil Chambless, Ed Miller and Scooter Muse from The Lang Awa' Ships


21:26 "Irish Medley: Goodbye Mick / Katie Daley / Muirsheen Durkin (Live)" by The Kindred Kilts from Live at Summer Crush Winery

26:00 "The Lilting Gas Men" by The Gas Men from Clement Street

30:22 "The Silkie of Sulle Skerrie" by Serious Kitchen from "Tig"

37:29 "Neal Herding Goats / Matt's March" by StoneRing from Old Songs New Voices


44:05 "Stone & Ice" by The Elders from True

48:20 "The Skye Boat Song" by Ella from Elluria's Lament

51:46 "It's An Instrument" by Mark Saul from Mixolydian

57:37 "The King's Shilling / The Reconciliation" by Banna De Dha from Band of Two

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