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Jun 30, 2016

I'm back from my Celtic Invasion of Cornwall. We had an incredible invasion visiting Tintagel, Eden Project, Stonehenge, Glastonbury Abbey, Chalice Well, some stone circles, horse riding and more. It was a brilliant trip. Before I start planning for 2017, I want to share some more great indie Celtic music from Leaping Lulu, We Banjo 3, 3 Pints Gone, Ron Cody, Rowan, Willie McCulloch, Gaelic Storm, Ginger Ackley, Mason Brown, Ceol Gan Achar, Old Man Flanagan's Ghost, Amadan, John Byrne Band, A Band of Rogues, Saor Patrol.

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* Helping you celebrate Celtic culture through music.

* I am back from an incredible Celtic Invasion of Cornwall. We saw Tintagel Castle, Stonehenge, the Chalice Well, The Eden Project, Falmouth International Sea Shanty Festival, went horse riding, saw stone circles, and had an amazing adventure. You can find pictures from the trip on my Facebook music page. I'm starting to plan for the 2017 invasion. Sign up at if you want to be notified about where we shall go next year.

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* If you ever wanted to hear what it's like on a Celtic Invasion Vacation, you can listen to a few podcasts from my Celtic Invasion of Cornwall. It's all on The Celtfather Podcast at I hope to post a couple more episodes from the trip soon.

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Hi Marc, I've been meaning to email you for awhile now, but have been remiss in getting it out. It's actually my birthday today and the latest Irish & Celtic Music podcast was a great present! My son is also performing tonight, as he plays Viola in the 7th grade orchestra at his middle school. Just a couple of weeks ago we both we're in recital at our local Suzuki school (my piece was Loch Lommond). Sorry I'm rambling here, but just want to say how great the podcast continues to be and thank you for all the work you put into it. I usually listen while I'm walking and here are a couple of pictures of springtime in East Tennessee. Thanks again for you do on the podcast. Slainte! Hank Woodward

Hey Marc, thanks for enriching my life with your wonderful podcast. I’m a 27-year-old violinist in Melbourne, Australia. I’m battling chronic illness which means I can’t move far from bed lately, so it’s wonderful to have such dependably brilliant music to soothe me, lift my spirits and help keep me warm as our winter sets in! Thanks Carl

Leaping Lulu - Celtic Night Live

This Week in Celtic Music

0:32 "Craig's Pipes/The Mountain Road/The Gravel Walk" by Leaping Lulu from Celtic Night Live

5:21 "The Cavan Reel/Up Against the Boughalauns/The Dublin Lasses" by We Banjo 3 from Roots of the Banjo Tree

7:57 "Beaches of St. Valery" by 3 Pints Gone from The Beaches of St. Valery

14:01 "Little Johnny's Run" by Ron Cody from The Talking Rake

17:38 "Bonnie Portmore/Elinini" by Rowan from Tales Through Time


22:35 "Outer Hebrides" by Willie McCulloch from Auld Tales & New

24:49 "Raised on Black and Tans" by Gaelic Storm from Cabbage

28:11 "Fairy Tale" by Ginger Ackley from Elf King's Horn

30:50 "Katie Rose" by Mason Brown from I Am a Handsome Devil

33:10 "Boys of Malin St" by Ceol Gan Achar by Ceol Gan Achar


41:05 "The Midnight Ship" by Old Man Flanagan's Ghost from Sociable

44:40 "Union of Drunken Upstarts" by Amadan from Hell-Bent Victory

47:31 "See You Then" by John Byrne Band from After the Wake

52:50 "You Can't Eat the Scenery" by A Band of Rogues from A Band of Rogues

58:34 "Aftermath" by Saor Patrol from Outlander

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