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Jun 21, 2018

John Wilmott guest hosts this week's Summer Solstice show with Celtic music and stories from Stephen Murphy, John Willmott, The Woodland Bard, Dervish, Afro Celt Sound System, Claire Roche, Jiggy, Anne-Marie Delmotte, Mike Absalom, Jimi McRae. Listen and share this show. Download 34 Celtic MP3s for Free.

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1:10 "Eriu" by Stephen Murphy (feat. Archaic Revival) from Of Land & Man by Mac Tire

8:14 "Introduction" by John Willmott of Carrowcrory Cottage Labyrinth Gardens

9:03 "Midsummer’ Night" by Dervish from Midsummer Night album

15:34 "The Birth Of Bhride" told by John Willmott, aka Woodland Bard

20:01 "Child Of Wonder" by Afro Celt Sound System from The Source

26:24 "Sitting In A Green Field" by Claire Roche from Journey With Claire Roche

30:03 "When The Bards Arrived" told by John Willmott

35:54 "Skellig" by Jiggy from Translate

39:51 "Land Of Heart’s Desire", a poem by W.B. Yeats told by Anne-Marie Delmotte

42:26 "About Carrowcrory Cottage" by John Willmott

43:53 "The Gnome's Song" by Mike Absalom from Pomes For Gnomes

47:28 "Taliesin" by Jimi McRae from his Taliesin EP

50:34 "Coll The Hazel" by Woodland Bard & Claire Roche from Ogma’s Tale Of The Trees

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Greetings my friends. I'm traveling right now. So today starts four weeks of Guest Hosts on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. Each of these shows will be different from my usual format. And I think you're gonna love the different styles.

John Wilmott is the host of this week's podcast. I first met John on in 2000. He was doing an amazing job promoting Celtic music. In 2008, he was the tour guide for the Brobdingnagian Bards 2nd Tour of Ireland.

John Wilmott is a fantastic storyteller with a love of Irish spirituality. He now runs Carrowcrory Cottage & Labyrinth in Ballinafad, Co. Sligo where he leads a variety of spiritual retreats in Ireland.

Most of the tracks in this week's show are not mentioned during the broadcast. So if you want to find out who was played, please visit the shownotes at All of the songs are time stamped to make it easy for you to find out who was played.


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