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Jul 15, 2021

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Brad Reid, Flook, ÚLLA, John Mcgaha, Emma Langford, The Gothard Sisters, Old Man Flanagan's Ghost, The Darkeyed Musician & Grimwater, Duncan McLauchlan and Glaucia Carvalho, No Murder No Moustache, Count Beetle, Camin de Fierro Pipe Band, Tuatha de Danann, The Badpiper

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0:04 - Brad Reid "Trip to Peggy's Cove" from New Scotland

3:24 - WELCOME

4:10 - Flook "Flutopia" from Flatfish

12:07 - ÚLLA "Peggy Gordon" from Ulla

16:34 - John Mcgaha "Man of the House / The Silver Spear / The Blue Idol" from Origins

21:24 - Emma Langford "The Seduction of Eve" from Quiet Giant

27:25 - FEEDBACK

31:02 - The Gothard Sisters "Wise One" from Dragonfly

35:12 - Old Man Flanagan's Ghost "Fisher's Hornpipe" from LIVE

38:39 - The Darkeyed Musician & Grimwater "The Faerie Ring" from Illumina

42:19 - Duncan McLauchlan and Glaucia Carvalho "The bog down in the valley" from McLauchlan's Celtic Brew

45:47 - THANKS

48:29 - Count Beetle "The Rising of the Moon" from Night Blue

51:37 - No Murder No Moustache "Sing! Fight! Run! Survive!" from The Odds Are Stacked Against

54:05 - Camin de Fierro Pipe Band "Enredando" from Rock & Fierro

58:56 - Tuatha de Danann "The Wind That Shakes The Barley" from In Nomine Éireann

1:02:26 - CLOSING

1:04:05 - The Badpiper "Pipe 'n' Slippers" from Tradical

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Thank you! ¡Muchas gracias! ¡Saludos!"

Shel O'Toole emailed: "I thoroughly enjoyed today's show. From the opening tune to the beautiful song that you left us with.

As I soaked up the sun through my front window the sounds of my culture brought my soul alive and my whole being smiles. Thank you. Warmly, Shel"