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Jun 18, 2020

Come to the join the maid on the shore with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

Flook, Stonecircle, Molly Bauckham, Julia Lane, Beyond the Pale, Kellswater Bridge, Anne Roos, Ceili Moss, Celia Ramsay & Shay Black, Hibernia, Erin's Guild, Jil Chambless, Ed Miller and Scooter Muse, Paisley Close, Runa, Ryan MacNeil, The Fire Inside

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0:04 "The Bunting Fund/Ocean Child" by Flook from Ancora


5:49 "Maid on the Shore" by Stonecircle from Metamorphosis

12:16 "The Wiser Maid" by Molly Bauckham from Maid on the Shore

18:07 "Lament for the Wild Shore" by Julia Lane from Song of the Sea

20:35 "Sailing to Philadelphia" by Beyond the Pale from Paleontology


28:25 "Kellswater" by Kellswater Bridge from As The Story Goes

33:45 "Get the Rigger" by Anne Roos from Mermaids & Mariners

36:23 "Leis a Lurrighan" by Ceili Moss from On the Shore

lez a lurr-i-gan

39:07 "The Fisherman's Wife" by Celia Ramsay & Shay Black from Singer's Request

41:55 "Dark Eyed Sailor" by Hibernia from Wide Waters

46:50 "Distant Shore" by Erin's Guild from Broken Man


52:40 "The Bonnie Ship the Diamond" by Jil Chambless, Ed Miller and Scooter Muse from The Lang Awa' Ships

55:51 "Green Island" by Paisley Close from All On A Day

59:47 "Jewels on the Ocean/Michael Connell's" by Runa from Live

1:04:06 "Cearcall A' Chuin (The Ocean's Circle)" by Ryan MacNeil from Shuffle

1:07:22 CLOSING

1:09:112 "Paddy's Green Shamrock Shore" by The Fire Inside from Spark

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* Helping you celebrate Celtic culture through music. My name is Marc Gunn. I am a Celtic musician and podcaster. This show is dedicated to the indie Celtic musicians. Please support these artists. Share the show with your friends. And find more episodes at You can also support this podcast on Patreon.

I am pre-recording this episode. I should be heading to Venice, Italy to stay the night, about the time you get to hear this show as part of my Celtic Invasion Vacations. If you want to know how the trip is going, I put together a page at where you can see follow links to every place I am posting new content, including podcasts, videos and of course, photos from the invasion.

Since I’m in one of the most famous sea ports in the world, I thought I’d highlight “Maid on the Shore”. I’m doing it a wee bit different though. You’ll hear the title track in a moment.  But then, nearly every artist singing a song in this show, and several of the instrumental artists too, has a recording of “Maid on the Shore” as well. I want to recommend that you check them all out.

You can follow the artist links in the shownotes to find out more about them as usual.

Every year, I take a small group of Celtic music fans on the relaxing adventure of a lifetime. We don't see everything. Instead, we stay in one area. We get to know the region through its culture, history, and legends. You can join us with an auditory and visual adventure through podcasts and videos. Learn more about the invasion at

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Tim Sommer emailed: "Hi Marc. I haven’t used spotify, don’t use amazon, and minimal itunes.  Try to buy music from the artist or other collections, like Ossian.

Most of all, I listen to your podcasts to specifically hear other artists and new music!    I’ve been in the rut of listening to (and enjoying) the main stays of Irish and Scottish music.  Wanting to know what else is out there.  You are the answer.  Love your show."

Michael Vitagliano emailed: "Hey Mark,

My wife and I have been listening to your podcast for the past six months and have fallen in love with celtic music as a result. We just got back from two weeks on the emerald isle and spent our time traveling in the car listening to hours of your podcast.

I wanted to chime in about your new Spotify playlist and your concerns about how it might affect the podcast. While in Ireland, I noticed a pretty apparent lack of music shops that carried trad music albums. The places I did manage to procure a few cd’s, I received excellent guidance however my favorite album that I came back with is Flook’s Ancora, which was surprisingly not recommended. I learned of this band via your podcast.

The bands you play are amazing, but it’s hard to listen to and support them if you don’t know they exist, which, without your podcast I definitely would not be familiar with Flook. Spotify has it’s negatives, but reaching listeners across the globe has got to be worth it. And your providing that avenue I think will gain even more podcast listeners, and notoriety for the artists. Thanks for everything you do! Can’t wait for the next episode!"