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Sep 25, 2007

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This Week:

“Minor Reels”
Hugh Morrison
from Under a Texas Skye

“Maid on the Shore”
Three Quarter Ale
from Intertwined

“The Fairy Dance”
Tocando el Aire
from En El Bosque Sin Retorno

“Blessed in Red”
Jenneth Tollin
from The Bardic Wyrd

“The Well Below the Valley”
Circled by Hounds
from Chasing Our Tales

“Paddy, Jenny, And The Boys”
Jamie Laval and Ashley Broder
from Zephyr in the Confetti Factory

“Cushy McCoy”
The Irish Balladeers
from The Molly Malones

“Roger The Shrubber Set”
Kennedy's Kitchen
from A Pocketful of Lint

“The Poison Dwarf”
from Waddles from the Sea

“Fall Face First”
The Ceili Family
from Tooraloo

“Tam Linn Set”
New Shilling
from New Shilling

In Extremo
from Raue Spree

“My Father Was A Werewolf”
Redhill Rats
from Redhill Rats Demo Session

Next time music we'll have music from The Whiskey Bards, Patrick's Head, Catherine Duc, and Homeland. Find out more at Support the artists and buy their CDs.

5. “Transparency” by Strange Woods
4. “Caber Loo” by The Trybe
3. “The Fisherman” by Bow Triplets
2. “Dedication” by Claire Roche

1. “Donald McGillavry”
Emerald Rose
from Celtic Crescent