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Aug 26, 2012

Irish Celtic music from Hawp, Vintage Wildflowers, Allison Barber, Claire Roche, The Borrowed Angels, Ken O’Malley, Iona, Seamus Stout, Fionnuala Sherry, The Canny Brothers Band, Tuatha Dea, Damanta, Jennifer Johnson, Navan.

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This Week in Celtic Music

1. “Aoife Orla Jigs” by Hawp
from Storm and Calm

2. “An Buachaillin Ban Set” by Vintage Wildflowers
from Lovely Madness

3. “Teir Abhaile Riu” by Allison Barber
from Traveling Home

4. “Oh Ba Ba mo Leanabh” by Claire Roche
from The Lilt of the Banshee

5. “Eist, Eist” by The Borrowed Angels
from The Borrowed Angels Singing Songs By Mazz O’Flaherty

6. “Eamon an Chnoic” by Ken O’Malley
from OMaille

7. “Fosgail An Daras Dhan Tailleir Fhidhleir/Old Wife of the Mill Dust” by Iona
from A Celebration of Twenty

8. “Si Bheag Si Mohr” by Seamus Stout
from Off the Wagon

9. “An Cuilfhionn” by Fionnuala Sherry
from Songs from Before

10. “Oro Se Do Bheatha Bhaile” by The Canny Brothers Band
from One Drop of Whiskey

11. “Ailien Duinn” by Tuatha Dea
from Children of the Gods

12. “Herme’s Walk (Ta se go hAillin” by Damanta
from The Drunken Priest and the ghostly hymns of autumn

13. “Cum Ar Naire” by Jennifer Johnson
from My Secret Garden

14. “Hè Mandu (Scottish)” by Navan
from Oran nan Tonn