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Nov 5, 2015

It's a Thursday in November. That means it's time for another great episode of Irish & Celtic music from Breabach, Bret Blackshear, Linda Relph/David Lovrien/Larry Fowler/Jed Marum, Beyond the Pale, George Papavgeris, Kennedy's Kitchen, Celia Ramsay, Faerydae, Patrick Clifford, Sligo Rags, An Triur, Paisley Close, Searson, Ockham's Razor, Emily Kellam.

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This week: Bruce Jackson in El Salvador, John Pearson in Elmhurst, IL, and Jamie Eddy, a bagpiper from Alberta, Canada.

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This Week in Celtic Music

0:26 - "The Full Booner" by Breabach from The Big Spree

5:24 - "The White Cockade/Slipped Disc Reel" by Bret Blackshear from Fingers, Frets, and Fire

7:55 - "The South Wind" by Linda Relph/David Lovrien/Larry Fowler/Jed Marum from The South Wind

12:33 - "Fred Finn's/Father Newman's/Frank's Reel" by Beyond the Pale from Queen of Skye

16:18 - "Circles in the Air" by George Papavgeris from Ordinary Heroes

21:13 - "The Barr of Chocolate/The Smashed Potatoes" by Kennedy's Kitchen from The Birds Upon the Trees

26:42 - Celtic Music News

27:38 - "Ned of the Hill" by Celia Ramsay from Songs of My Father's People

31:26 - "The Monighan/The Butterfly/Cooley's Reel" by Faerydae from Changeling

36:08 - "The Shores of Botany Bay" by Patrick Clifford from American Wake

39:05 - "Gallowglass Lament" by Sligo Rags from Roll Me Down the Mountain

41:21 - Celtic Feedback

44:33 - "Blue Car" by An Triur from Three People

47:41 - "Green Island" by Paisley Close from All On A Day

51:35 - "Footstomp" by Searson from Live

53:39 - "The Auld Triangle" by Ockham's Razor from Job's Comforter

57:51 - "Come & Be Welcome" by Emily Kellam from Waves on the Shore

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