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Dec 12, 2019

This was the Year of the Celtic Woman on the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast. But I’m proud to declare that the ladies deserve a little Fairple. Quarterly shows will continue to highlight the women of Celtic music on into the future.

willos', Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer, Aerialists, Merry Wives of Windsor, Mazz O'Flaherty, The Borrowed Angels, Eilis Crean, Katherine Nagy, Anne Roos, Celtic Woman, Heloise Love, Lily Bentley, Maggie Drennon, Rising Gael, Fionnuala Gill

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0:04 - "Ballysillan" by willos' from 4th

4:17 - WELCOME

5:49 - "Cribbage Set" by Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer from Slip Tease

10:21 - "An Gille Dubh Ciar Dubh" by Aerialists from Single

14:58 - "Lament of Mary, Queen of Scots" by Merry Wives of Windsor from Bottoms Up

18:56 - "I Will Stand On This Land" by The Borrowed Angels from The Borrowed Angels Singing Songs By Mazz O'Flaherty

Pictures: I have pictures of myself and Mazz when I stopped the Dingle Record Shop this summer.


24:42 - "Brierton's Jig - Finian's Visit" by Eilis Crean from Searbh Siucra

29:16 - "Clementine" by Katherine Nagy from Single

33:23 - "The Mermaid's Tears" by Anne Roos from Mermaids & Mariners

37:20 - "Ard Uí Chuain / Sadhbh Ní Bhruinneallaigh [Live]" by Celtic Woman from Homecoming: Live from Ireland
Pronounciation: ard ih cuan / SAH-eev Nee Vrin-uh-lah


43:25 - "Holding Me" by Heloise Love from Song for the Mira

45:50 - "She Moved Through the Fair" by Lily Bentley from Norwood Gothic

50:58 - "Is Fad' O 'Bhaile Daithneoinn (Far From Home)" by Maggie Drennon from Just Now
Pronunciation: Is fahd o

56:05 - "One More Day" by Rising Gael from One More Day

1:00:50 - CLOSING

1:02:11 - "Suantrai Ar Slanaitheora (Lullaby of our Savior)" by Fionnuala Gill from Whispers of Love
Pronounciation: fin-noo-lah, soon-tree ar slan-eh-hyahr-ah

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* Helping you celebrate Celtic culture through music. My name is Marc Gunn. I am a Celtic musician and podcaster. This show is dedicated to the indie Celtic musicians. Please support these artists. Share the show with your friends. And find more episodes at You can also support this podcast on Patreon.

At the beginning of 2019, I declared this the Year of Celtic Women. I’m proud to say that completed five episodes entirely dedicated to the women of Celtic music, with the generous help of Lady Susan of Thunder on the Plains. I feel like this podcast grew a lot as we talked about gender equality in Celtic music. So much so that I plan to continue my quarterly episodes dedicated to the ladies.

Now many of the shows featured soloists or females bands. But I think in 2020, I’m gonna expand and just highlight all women for these episodes: the singers, the instrumentalists, whomever. I’m excited to hear our community grow. And I thank you for being a part of it!

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Rollin Butler emailed: "Hi Marc, we watch a PBS kIds animated show called “Molly of Denali”, and they had an episode of Fiddle Playing, “Jigging,” like Irish Step Dancing. I wondered if you have info about the Irish influence on the Alaska peoples, maybe from “Yukon gold Rush.”  Keep up the good work, and don’t let the Naysayers get you down."

KIM KNEBEL emailed: "Greetings Marc and family. Sitting in my cozy warm bed listening to the program before getting busy for the celebrations. I love the show and really appreciate the diversity you showcase. I adore traditional Celtic music, of course, but things evolve and it's fun to see how folks have used the auld tunes to launch new music. I usually key up the podcasts on my trip up north for jewelry making classes. Makes the commute go by quickly and very pleasantly. Thank you for all you do to promote Celtic culture through the podcasts, newsletter and trips. Slainte!??"

Nancy Klein emailed photos: "Dear Mark, I am an American woman who loves your show. I listen to it in Spain, where I live now. We used to live in Ireland where I really enjoyed listening to music there. So your show brings Ireland back to me. Here are three photos of the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland, where you will be going on your upcoming trip with fellow Celtic music lovers. Enjoy! With appreciation for all that you do,"


Marc Gunn with Mazz O'Flaherty

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