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May 6, 2021

We’re going down by the water to soak up some music with the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast.

Poor Man's Gambit, Jamie Smith's MABON, Sue Spencer, Tim Hill, The Changing Room, The Munster Men, TEYR, Jeff Blaney, Niamh Parsons & Graham Dunne, Nick Metcalf, Barleyjuice, Aerialists, The Guinness Brothers, Liesel Wilson

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0:02 - Poor Man's Gambit "Flat World" from Land of Sunshine

6:50 - WELCOME

7:22 - Jamie Smith's MABON "Gareth and Aoife's" from Windblown

11:15 - Sue Spencer "Jack Was Every Inch a Sailor" from North Shore

13:07 - Tim Hill "The Humours of Castle Bernard/Corney Drew's" from Ceol ag an nGeata: Music at the Gate

16:01 - The Changing Room "Row Boys Row" from A River Runs Between

19:37 - FEEDBACK

21:56 - The Munster Men "Down by the water" from Tasting The Waters

25:23 - TEYR "An Tros" from Estren

30:55 - Jeff Blaney "Gypsy Rover" from Exodus

33:30 - Niamh Parsons & Graham Dunne "Carrickfergus (feat. Elena Alekseeva)" from Kind Providence

40:12 - THANKS

41:48 - Nick Metcalf "At the Gates (feat. Zac Léger & Caitríona Lagan)" from Out of the Ashes

45:58 - Barleyjuice "Sweet Young Thing" from This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

49:35 - Aerialists "Jigs" from Dear Sienna

53:48 - The Guinness Brothers "Rocky Road to Dublin" from Live Craic

57:43 - CLOSING

58:38 - Liesel Wilson "William's Ghost" from The Path

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Jeremy Graves emailed on Facebook: "Hi Marc! I've been listening to your show for just a few weeks, but I really love it! I started listening to stay awake while feeding my now three-month-old late at night; my wife and I take shifts. As a linguist working with an indigenous group in Mexico, I really enjoy songs sung in the Celtic languages, and would love to hear more on the show! Thnaks for your work! (PS I bought a Stonecircle album today, which I first heard on your podcast)."

Colin Gravenor emailed on Facebook: "Hi Marc, So great to have found your brilliant podcast. Now I have a little more time. It's just perfect. I'm listening in Wales, UK - where Celtic music has it's own very strong tradition. The Roots lie mainly in folk dance and the music distinctly Welsh! Please try listening to a great Welsh band Crasdant featuring a Triple Welsh harp. Many good tracks on their album Dwndwr (The great noise) but you could start with the gentle - "Pam". Keep up the good woork, it's the best antidote to these troubled times."

Aaron Adair commented on Patreon: "I’m a choir director, and this was perfect pre-Easter Service music to help me prepare for this special day. Thank you, Marc, for blessing us all with these beautiful Irish and Celtic sounds for Easter Sunday."

woodland folk emailed a photo: "May ur sails be full my friend. episode on ur 500 stomping... All the best,ur music suits the kingz wood as does ur spirit..."