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Oct 12, 2017

Irish & Celtic Music Podcast #329 features spreads the truth with great Celtic music from Bellow Bridge, Telenn Tri, Brenadan Nolan, Nava, Rowan, The Beggarmen, Old Blind Dogs, Ella, The Elders, Bad Haggis, Secret Sky, Kilrush, Jiggy.

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Michael Conners emailed: "Hi Marc; What a surprise, I just signed up with Patreon and the first email I get from you announces the podcast "Celtic in Connemara". We just returned from a ten day tour of the Midlands and Connemara in July. Before we left I investigated learning Gaelic but gave up when I could’t find a good source online. Duolingo sounds good and having a “club” to stay motivated seems a good idea as well. I just signed up. I really enjoy your podcasts. I’ve been listening for a few months, what’s best is that it’s all new music generally. Today I found Jim Sharkey… wonderful all the best. Michael in Lincoln, RI"

Rex Edwards emailed: "Was promoting the podcast at Northern Virginia CCE Festival (sorry for bad pic). This group punches well above weight led by Billy McComiskey, Aoife Scott and Open the Door for Three with Liz Knowles. Billy's son (one of many) has a new group Cover the Buckle that was also great. Keep up the great sounds."


0:36 "Campbell's Set" by Bellow Bridge from Cautionary Tales

5:30 "Na Ceannbhan Bhann / Farewell to Whalley Range / The Humours of Whiskey" by Telenn Tri from Mouse in the Kitchen

9:58 "Green Grow the Rashes O" by Brenadan Nolan from Familiar Brew

13:43 "Hess" by Nava from Tapestry

19:20 "Thunder in the Falls" by Rowan from Tales Through Time


24:32 "Owenreagh" by The Beggarmen from Newry Town

28:30 "Lough Erne's Shore" by Old Blind Dogs from Wherever Yet May Be

31:21 "Elluria's Lament" by Ella from Eluria's Lament


37:55 "Going to Arklow" by The Elders from True

42:53 "Bag Haggis" by Bad Haggis from Trip

48:26 "The Dim-Moon City of Delight" by Secret Sky from Secret Sky

53:49 "Lily's Ghost" by Kilrush from The Basement Sessions

59:55 "King of the Fairies" by Jiggy from Translate

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