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Oct 5, 2017

The Irish & Celtic Music Podcast won it's third award for Best Podsafe Music in the 2017 Podcast Awards. We're celebrating with indie Celtic music from Telenn Tri, Mike Katz, Lochlainn, Boston Blackthorne, Cormac Gannon, Cormorant's Fancy, The Changing Room, Charmas, Jesse Ferguson, Devils Water, The Crazy Rogues, Tuatha Dea, Dom Duff, Forkroot.

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Irish & Celtic Music Podcast won for the third time for Best Podsafe Music in the Podcast Awards. Thanks so much to everyone who voted for us!

I posted a new episode of Celtfather Music & Travel this week where I share the Secret History of the Celts. If you want to find out about some our origins before the seven Celtic nations, subscribe and listen at I finally recorded an interview with Shannon Heaton, host of the Irish Music Stories podcast. I hope to release that interview in December.

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Nikki Paksar emailed on Facebook: "Hey Marc, just wanted to say how much I love the podcast! I've been listening for years, but this last summer I was doing research with squirrels in the Yukon wilderness, and listening to the podcast in camp always made my day that much better. Cheers!"

Charles van Niekerk emailed on Facebook: "Thoroughly enjoy your playlists each week. Just got in from a very lively evening in Dingle town. Slainte"



0:29 "Farewell to Maud Street / Fish in the Glass / Mum's Knitting Needles" by Telenn Tri from Mouse in the Kitchen

8:37 "The Fiddler / Cu'l an taigh òsda (Back of the Change House) / The Birks of Abergeldie / Currie's / Na Goisidich (The Gossip)" by Mike Katz from A Month of Sundays

13:10 "Green Widow" by Lochlainn from Fisher Street

17:11 "The Humours of Ennistymon/Old as the Hills" by Boston Blackthorne from County Kerry to Kerry Park

19:36 "I'm Going to Set You Free" by Cormac Gannon from Different


24:02 "A Man's a Man for A' That / The Pith O' Sense" by Cormorant's Fancy by A Different Bird

28:19 "Bal Maiden's Waltz" by The Changing Room from Picking Up The Pieces

30:57 "Out On The Ocean" by Charmas from Songs of the Sea

33:44 "Robin Hood and the Tanner" by Jesse Ferguson from Folk Favourites


38:35 "A Lyke Wake Song" by Devils Water from Treading the Marches

43:40 "Rebellion" by The Crazy Rogues from Rebels' Shanties

49:03 "Loch Lommand" by Tuatha Dea from Kilts and Corsets

52:10 "Kael K'kwll" by Dom Duff from K'Kwll

56:00 "Drink Until It's Right" by Forkroot from Water & Shade

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