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Apr 26, 2018

Trees are not only important to the Celts. They are important to all of humanity. They give us air to breathe. So this Arbor Day, I want to encourage you to plant a tree or take care of one tree in your town while you listen to the Irish & Celtic Music Podcast with tree-friendly Celtic music from Rattle the Knee, Anne Roos, Giant's Dance, Crepuscule, Slan, Michael Black, Dark Patrick, Nick Hennessey, Emerald Rose, Bag Haggis, Rathkeltair, Hair of the Dog, Bedlam. In fact, I'm pretty sure your tree will grow better with daily listens of Celtic music.

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0:04 "Galway Rambler-Maid in the Cherry Tree-Ban an Tír ar Lar" by Rattle the Knee from Paving and Crigging

6:20 "The Forest Nymph - Song of the Woods & The Tree in the Woods" by Anne Roos from A Light in the Forest

10:32 "Birken Tree/Bishop's Dance" by Giant's Dance from Giant's Dance

4:17 "Lilting Music/Tree Set" by Crepuscule from Shades of Music

18:06 "The Rowan Tree" by Slan from Footprints


23:54 "The Willow Tree" by Michael Black from Michael Black

27:01 "The Laurel Tree - Gravel Walk - the Lilting Banshee - the Mug Of" by Dark Patrick from Fainne Gael an Lae

34:51 "Gallows Tree" by Nick Hennessey from A Rare Hunger


40:32 "Land of the Dancing Trees" by Emerald Rose from Sunwise

45:23 "Monkey Tree" by Bag Haggis from Trip

50:52 "Trees" by Rathkeltair from Something Good for a Change

55:21 "Papa John's Tree" by Hair of the Dog from Liam Left the Lights On Again

59:43 "Trees They Grow High" by Bedlam from Sleep Is A River

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Kristi Green Rutmann emailed on Facebook: "Hi! listening in from Dawsonville, Georgia, USA.  - Loving your track #296. I've been enjoying your podcasts for several days now - what a wonderful discovery!  Great music to help me through the workday!  This time last year, I was enjoying my first trip to Ireland and watching the parade pass by in Dublin! Your music helps take me back to those perfect days & favored memories! Thank you."