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Jan 28, 2015

Dublin has some of the best restaurants in Ireland. In show #193, we're gonna enjoy some of the awesome food of the Celts in song with Irish Celtic music from Serious Kitchen, Banna De Dha, Abby Green, Pandora Celtica, Cady Finlayson, Battlelegs, The Shanties, Dun Aengus, Barleyjuice, The Irish Balladeers, Hawp, Calasaig, The Elders, Heidi Jane, Ceann, Kennedy's Kitchen, Stanley & Grimm, Poitin.

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SeriousKitchen - Tig

This Week in Celtic Music

"Escargot" by Serious Kitchen
from "Tig"

"Cailin Deas Cruite Na Mbo (The Pretty Girl Milking Her Cow)" by Banna De Dha
from Band of Two

"Fig for a Kiss" by Abby Green
from Fig for a Kiss

"Molly Malone" by Pandora Celtica
from F'n'Sharp

"St Ignatius/Wed Is Hamburger Soup/St. Ignatius" by Cady Finlayson
from Irish Coffee

"The Soup Mages" by Battlelegs
from The Soup Mages

"Bread and Honey" by The Shanties
from Fear Not

Celtic Music News

"Scarce O'Tatties" by Dun Aengus
from Fortified

"Potatoes" by Barleyjuice
from Another Round

"Dad's Dinner Pail" by The Irish Balladeers
from The Molly Maguires

"The Fisherman Boy" by Hawp
from Storm and Calm

"The Salmon Run" by Calasaig
from Merchant's City

"Story of a Fish" by The Elders
from Racing the Tide

Celtic Feedback

"Whiskey Before Breakfast" by Heidi Jane
from A Thousand Reasons Why

"Whiskey Hurts My Tummy" by Ceann
from Almost Irish

"The Barr of Chocolate/The Smashed Potatoes" by Kennedy's Kitchen
from The Birds Upon the Trees

"Mrs Conaway's Chocolate Cake/Jump Ball/Musical Priest" by Stanley & Grimm
from Another Round

"Honeycake" by Poitin
from Bofiguifluki

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