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Jan 14, 2015

Show #191 features Irish Celtic music from Black Market Haggis, Smitty's Kitchen, Cormorant's Fancy, Slan, Celtic Rebels, Across the Pond, McGinty, Bonnie Rideout, SeaStar, Rant Maggie Rant, The Led Farmers, The Elders, Corktown Popes, Rathkeltair.

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Smitty's Kitchen - A Second Season

This Week in Celtic Music

"The Moontown Jig:The Moontown Reel" by Black Market Haggis
from Demo

"Cindy's Green Set" by Smitty's Kitchen
from A Second Season

"I am a Maid that Sleeps in Love" by Cormorant's Fancy
from Here & There

"Scots Royal/Salute to James A Henderson" by Slan
from Footprints

"The Wild Colonial Boy" by Celtic Rebels
from Thirty-Two United

"Swallowtail Jig/Kid on the Mountain" by Across the Pond
from Kid on the Mountain

"My Old Town" by McGinty
from Single

"Invergarry Castle Set" by Bonnie Rideout
from Scottish Inheritance

"Selkie" by SeaStar
from North Winds

"Shadow and Substance/Linden Rise" by Rant Maggie Rant
from Rant Maggie Rant

"Drinking With the Lads" by The Led Farmers
from Lucy

"Road to Ruins" by The Elders
from Story Road

"Tonight It's Joy" by Corktown Popes
from And Also With You

"The Butler's in the Pantry" by Rathkeltair
from Big White Van

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