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Aug 6, 2014

Irish Celtic music from EJ Jones, Sarah Marie Mullen, Merry Wives of Windsor, Stanley & Grimm, Colleen Raney,y Martyn Wylde, Kindred Spirits , Ken O'Malley, Ashley Davis, Black 47, The Fenian Sons, Paisley Close, Giant's Dance.

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EJ Jones - The Willow

This Week in Celtic Music

"Bayou Reels" by EJ Jones
from The Willow on iTunes

"Naughty and Nice Polkas" by Sarah Marie Mullen
from Harper's Bizarre on iTunes

"Lament Of Mary, Queen Of Scots" by Merry Wives of Windsor
from Bottoms Up on iTunes

"Little Hawk/Volcanic Jig" by Stanley & Grimm
from Another Round on iTunes

"Canadee-I-O" by Colleen Raney
from Here This Is Home on iTunes

Celtic Music News

"The Wife of Usher's Well" by Martyn Wylde
from The Child Ballads - Volume 1 on iTunes

"Daphne" by Kindred Spirits 
from Dispelling All Woes on iTunes

"I'm a Rover" by Ken O'Malley
from OMaillie on iTunes

"Beside You Near (with Moya Brennan)" by Ashley Davis
from Night Travels on iTunes

"Funky Ceili [Bridie's Song]" by Black 47
from Fire of Freedom on iTunes

"Charlie on the MTA" by The Fenian Sons
from 617 on iTunes

"Sovay-Halting March" by Paisley Close
from All On a Day on iTunes and The Secret World of Celtic Rock on iTunes

"Westlin Wind" by Giant's Dance
from Giant's Dance on iTunes

Giant's Dance - Giant's Dance

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